TallyPrime on Cloud : Centralised And Secure Access Of Tally Anytime, Anywhere

TallyPrime on Cloud is a service that will take your offline Tally software on cloud. You will be able to access your Tally data from anywhere and at anytime and from any device. An easy low maintenance and economical way of running your TallyPrime is through Tally On cloud. Save numerous costs like operational costs, backup and data maintenance costs, server hardware costs, and many other miscellaneous costs through cloud computing.

Why Tally on Cloud?


No Backup

Fully customizable automated backups at regular intervals reduces your burden of maintaining backups


100% Protection from
Malware & Virus Attacks

Our Cloud has updated firewalls/IDS applications to detect and block unauthorised intrusions.


Massive Savings on Tally
License Fee

There is only one centralized Tally for all your offices and NO separate Tally licenses are required.


Accessible on all
devices worldwide

The tally is on cloud, hence, it can be accessed from multiple devices across the world at the same time.


Real Time
Work Syncing

Tally Cloud facilitates real-time syncing of entries done by team members sitting at different locations.


IP Restriction

You can allow certain IPs from which the Tally can be accessible, this would prevent the access of Tally from Unknown network.


Compatible for
all versions

Whether you are using Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime, our Cloud is compatible for all your Tally versions.


No Hardware

You do not need to maintain any PC/Servers or any other Hardware at your offices to store your Tally data.


Cloud Uptime

We guarantees 99.9% uptime to ensure that your Tally works seamlessly without any interruptions.

Already a Tally User?
It’s time to take it on Cloud with us.

Tally v/s Tally on Cloud


How you are working currently on Tally
How you are working currently

  • Tally installation required on each device.
  • Manual Backups.
  • Multiple Tally Licences required for multiple offices.
  • Work from Office premises.
  • Data recovery takes time.
  • Additional software required for Data protection Against Viruses, Malware & Ransomware.
  • No Realtime data sync.
  • Tally computers are interconnected in one location by using a single network either through LAN Cables or a Wifi.
  • Tally software needs to be updated manually on each device.

How you can work with Tally on Cloud
How you can work with Tally on Cloud

  • No installation required all devices can access Tally online.
  • Automated Backups.
  • Single Tally Licence required for multiple offices.
  • Work from Anywhere, Any device.
  • Data recovered instantly from the nearest backup point.
  • Our Server has Inbuilt Data protection Against Viruses, Malware & Ransomware.
  • Real-time data sync.
  • Any computer, any mobile device can access tally through the Internet across multiple locations.
  • Software update required only on the server.

Choose Plan

Cloud Subscription


1 Core Processor


Automated Cloud Backup

1 RDP User License

Server Level Security

Accessible through RDP

IP Restriction Enabled

Windows OS 2014/2016

999 */ month
Billed for 1 Year / Per User

Cloud Server


2+ Core Processor

40+ GB SSD

Automated Cloud Backup

1+ RDP User License

Server Level Security

Accessible through RDP

IP Restriction Enabled

Windows OS 2014/2016

5,999 */ month
Billed Annually

Terms & Conditions :

  • Cloud Subscription Charges are for per User & it will multiply on every Additional User.
  • Cloud Server Charges are for 1 RDP User & Additional RDP User License costs extra. Cloud Server pricing may vary according to Server Resources.
  • This price does not include Tally License. You need to bring your own Tally License in order to run it on the cloud.
  • Our Servers located in India & all prices are applicable for Indian Buyers only. International Buyers, please Contact Us for best pricing
  • 18% GST applicable on all the plans

Help Me To Decide

Got questions? We’ll answer them for you!

Yes, Using Tally on Cloud environment is completely legal & approved by Tally Solutions with valid TSS (Tally Software Service) & TVU (Tally Virtual User) License.
Tally on Cloud serves Tally Desktop Application over Cloud. With proper internet connectivity, users can access Tally on Cloud with their Username and Password using RDP Client from their device. With Tally on Cloud admin panel, your Administrators can easily manage Tally on Cloud Users, Data, Printers, backups, etc.
Yes, provided there is an environment which is secured and Data access is restricted to certain people in your company.We provides all this security features and moreover it doesn’t even give direct data access to Tally on Cloud team.
No, as per the guidelines of Tally Solutions, you need to have your own Tally license to work in your companies created in Tally. It would be against Tally solutions to use a single license for multiple customers and we totally agree with guidelines as set by Tally solutions to avoid problems that could affect our customer’s usage.
No, Your users access will totally depend on type of License you have. For Multiuser Access you need a Multiuser Tally License.
No, As per the beliefs of Tally on Cloud Development team, browser access leads to HTTP which is not as secure as RDP connectivity could be. So Tally on Cloud access can only be done using any RDP Supported device.
Yes, Tally on Cloud supports all TDLs and our team always insist our customers to check all their TDLs before going for Tally on Cloud.
Either you gor for dedicated server where we setup Tally on Cloud for you & you can access whole server on Per User Per Year basis Or Tally on Cloud access is available on Per User Per Year Subscription basis.
Tally on Cloud can be accessed from anywhere at anytime using proper Username and Password. Still if you need to restrict the access to certain locations, you can do it using Advance Restriction Add-on.
Tally is now-a-days integrated with lot of other applications like ERP, SAP, Web Portals, BI-Tools, etc. All such integrations with Tally on Cloud has been successfully carried on by Tally on Cloud Technical Team.
Yes, Tally on Cloud client access is done using RDP client and RDP clients are available for all Devices based on Linux, iOS or Windows.
With all new GST reforms Tally has come in with lot of features for managing GST related activities in Tally. Tally on Cloud supports all those activities including exporting and printing of all GST related reports.
Both Data and Your Tally are on your Tally on Cloud server itself. No one other than your Administrator has access of your Tally Data.
Your administrator can easily configure Backup Location and Backup time schedule from Tally on Cloud Administrators Panel and get data backed up once any user takes backup. To automate the entire process you can also use Advance Backup Add-on in this case your users need not worry about taking backup.
In Cloud environment you can print to your locally connected printers, Locally connected network printers as well as printers connected in other branch locations.
With Tally on Cloud you can mount your local drives on cloud, so once you export your files they directly reach your local folder on your desktop system.
Tally on Cloud has an admin panel which can be used by your companies administrator to easily download and upload data to and from your desired location.
Yes, Tally on Cloud client access is done using RDP client and RDP clients are available for all Mobile Devices based on Android, iOS or Windows.
Yes, our team understands the need of TS9 in Tally environment and they are good enough to create a secure environment for running both Tally Server 9 and Tally safely.
Tally on Cloud Subscription is entirely build and run in Linux environment and using Linux based RDP server. In such case you do not need any additional Microsoft License to access Tally on Cloud.
Tally on Cloud Dedicated Serve is entirely build and run on Windows environment and using Windows based RDP server. In such case you need an additional Microsoft License to access Tally on Cloud.

Safe and Secure Cloud Computing System

Dont want to buy a cloud server !! Dont Worry :)

We have Tally on Cloud : Per User / Per Month Subscription too.

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